Swim Nappies

All babies must wear swim nappies in our lessons. We are keen to encourage all parents to start using Washable swim nappies in all our classes, as we find that the majority of disposable swim nappies leak. Should this happen in our classes, the pool will have to be closed and lessons cancelled for the day.

We strongly recommend 2 styles of washable swim nappies which are currently on the market, which if fitted properly will not leak. Please choose either the Neoprene style(made from soft rubber coated wetsuit material) or the ‘Pop in’ swim range.

We believe ‘Pop in’ brand will offer you the best quality swim nappy currently on the market at a very competitive price, which will not only keep our pools clean but also be kinder to the environment.

‘Pop in’ swim nappies have a unique soft ‘leak proof’ seal around the legs and waist which combines comfort for our babies with a range of cool designs!  The ‘pop in’ swim nappies work with a washable – reusable liner which further helps to ensure any little accidents are contained and makes changing far simpler for mum. These nappies will fit under current swimming costumes / UV suits better than neoprene style as they are far less bulky and are all machine washable.

Sizing – It is important that Swim nappies fit properly, like any usual nappy. All babies are different shapes and sizes, so it is not practical to offer size by weight, but by measurement of the upper leg and waist – see chart.
To help complete that co-ordinated look, BabySplash is also pleased to be able to offer ‘matching UV swim tops’ and hats which help to maximize sun protection for our swimmers keeping our babies safe in the water.
We are currently have 5 designs, all available in 4 different sizes.

Washable swim nappies should be used in all BabySplash swim classes.

We strongly discourage the use of disposable nappies as these often leak into the pool and are damaging to the environment .