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Learning Through Play

All About BabySplash !

Young children learn to enjoy a whole host of new sensory inputs from early swimming activities. Babies and children alike can enjoy the freedom and texture of the water by simply splashing their hands and are visually fascinated by bubbles and droplets of water.

During our lessons children are able to experience moving their arms and legs in the water without restrictions and will learn songs through repetition developing hand-eye coordination through swim teacher led activities with balls and toys! In addition, through play in the water, children begin to develop both an awareness and respect for this new and exciting environment.

Your children can benefit in so many ways, including helping to develop and improve muscle tone, coordination and a sense of balance. The shared feelings of fun and enjoyment in the water with mum or dad can also help to create a special bond linked to a feeling of security in the water.

Most parents will also tell you that our lessons also help your little ones to sleep !

By getting young children familiar with the basics of kicking their legs, laying on their backs and tummies, and submerging with mum or dad close by, Baby & Toddler Splash™ leads naturally to a smooth transition towards formal swimming lessons for your little ones from 3 years old.

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